Carpet, padding and heater cover removed
Heater Rebuild
more photos added 11/19

wiring spaghetti

Parts...and more parts

More wiring stuff

outlet from heater through firewall

The culprit...a sticky heater valve

Heater core and fan assembly front

Heater core and fan assembly back

another view of the valve

and another

30-year old leaves on the heater core

looks like it's been undisturbed for quite a while

nasty looking valve

A new shiny valve that I tore apart for parts. Nissan Part Number 27017-B5000. It's from a 620 pickup 70's era I think.

You bend the brass flanges up and you can pull the innards out

what the overnight vinegar bath did for the old valve assembly...clean huh?

and another view

holding my breath bending the brass flanges on the old valve

Whew! They didn't break!

Old valve guts

and a bit of stop leak came out with the old valve

Pretty dusty squirrel fan and crumbly foam

gently pull on the heater core

and a little more

and it's out!

lots of debris and surface rust

cleaning the squirrel fan...

it's actually clear plastic, not black!

heater core/ fan cover...more crumbly foam

scrubbed and sanded

waiting for the paint to dry

taped off the motor and thermostat spring for painting

WHOOPS! What tha?

hmm, these heater cores are different!

this one has a long output on the other side of the core

New one on the left, old one on the right

valve with new guts installed and brass flanges bent back into place

Shiny huh?

Back of the case with the new core installed...after punching another hole in the back of the case for the new and different heater core

nice new white foam weatherstripping

a retrofit of more foam

ready to install the valve.

The new valve installed.

Under the dash the connections were disconnected and the cables were bent. I fixed 'em all up while I was there.

A dusty, dirty mess inside...

The foam just disentegrated when I touched it.

a little surface rust

washed and old foam removed

more rust and dirt inside

A soapy bath for everything

top one is washed and treated with Pledge - bottom one is just washed

everything's all clean

It's hard to see but I've fitted up black foam into the door and I'm ready to glue it in place.

foam glued in place

heater installed...only one little leak and it stopped when I re-tightened the hose clamp.